Member SPO Committee’s and Chairmen

The following is a list of critical activities necessary for the St. Pete Open to successfully operate. Each area of importance is assigned to a Chairmen who is responsible for the execution of each area. Committee members are recognized for their assistance to the chairmen and assist in carrying out tasks related to their committee. It is through the efforts of the club that we put on such a great event. Please contact the committee chair for the area you wish to participate in at the event this year. We will add members to the list as they volunteer or are conscripted. If you believe there to be an error where you name is listed, please contact Lokey. Committee's should be established and have a meeting at least 2 months before the event.
    1. SPO event set up (day before the event) SCOTT HOOKER
      1. Responsibilities
        1. Stage set up
        2. Ramps
        3. posters/banners hanging w/ Sponsor Chair
        4. registration tables
        5. Highway signs
        6. Bragging board
        7. Event billboard next to bragging board
      2. Committee Members
        1. Ray Bourque
        2. Charlie Barnes
        3. Mike Lokey
        4. Brian Dinning
        5. All available
    2. SPO event take down (morning after event) SCOTT HOOKER
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Everything above but removing, disassembling it and loading it in trucks etc.
      2. Committee Members
        1. John Phillipoff
        2. Ryan Lacedonia
        3. All not setting up
    3. Awards Set up and breakdown RICH TAYLOR
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. prizes, positioning them
        2. Setting up tables
      2. Committee Members
        1. Ken Jones
        2. Mike Lokey
        3. Charlie Barnes
        4. Brian Denning
        5. Entire Membership
    4. Weigh in crew – CHAD HERRALD
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Setting up people to weigh
        2. Committing to weighing from start to finish
        3. Coordinating with Frank and the scoring system
      2. Committee Members
        1. Wil  Veneziano
        2. Chris Barnes
    5. Scoring – CHRIS GRAUER
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Setting up the scoring computers
        2. Assuring data is entered correctly
        3. Posting updates to the bragging board timely
        4. handling weight or other scoring discrepancies with board over-site
        5. Reporting infractions or suspected ground for disqualification to Board.
      2. Committee Members
        1. Steve Shelton  (Category Tickets)
        2. Mike Lokey
    6. Fish Cutting - JASON DELACRUZ
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Recruiting fish cutters
        2. Setting up station day before event
        3. Getting supplies to fish cutters from club (ziplocks, etc.)
        4. Managing "cooler check" system
        5. Receiving fish cutters so they know where to go, room check in, making sure they have what they need, etc.
        6. Breaking down fish cutting station
      2. Committee Members
        1. TBA
    7. Vendor liaison - BRIAN DINNING
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Coordinating with vendors on locations and requirements for the event
        2. Handling day of issues with vendor locations set up needs
        3. Accounting for payment and documentation of vendors for event as necessary
        4. Handling accounts receivable with vendors
      2. Committee Members
          1. TBA
    8. Registration – MIKE LOKEY
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Creating and maintaining a spreadsheet for both registrations and Liability Waivers completions from each participant from Open announcement to Captains Meeting
        2. Accounting for payment and payment type from each participant
        3. Communicating with and handling exceptions in the registration liability waiver completion process
        4. Being present at both kick off and captains meeting to register participants and also issue their shooters bag and shirts
      2. Committee Members
        1. Bourque
        2. Bennet Family
    9. Social Chairmen DAVID CURCI
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Assisting with club event planning up to the SPO
        2. Designing & Executing a nasty bad ass party in the pool area ala "Dante's Inferno" from Fantasy Fest
        3. Assuring shenanigans and good times are had by all through whatever means necessary
      2. Committee Members
        1. TBA
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Handing shirt logistics from vendor to the event
        2. Getting shooter shirts sorted and ready for captains meeting
        3. Selling event shirts at Captains meeting
      2. Committee Members
        1. Setchell
    11. Sponsor liaison –DENNY O'HERN
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Coordinating with SPUCs to follow up on Sponsor commitments
        2. Getting logos from sponsors and distributing them to Shirt and Website Chair, assuring correct format for each.
        3. Accounting for and maintaining a spreadsheet of sponsor payments and levels.
        4. Handling accounts receivable
        5. Assuring sponsors get what they pay for relating to marketing placement and/or promotional items display or distribution (Intrepid, Shark Shield, others with big things to bring in)
        6. Placement of Sponsor promotional items.
        7. Handling Sponsor banners and promotional concerns day before and over the event (including take down)
      2. Committee Members
        1. BRENNAN
        2. DINNING
    12. Website and digital marketing- MIKE LOKEY
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Administering anad
        2. Handling updates and event information on the site
      2. Committee Members
        1. Luke Bonner
    13. Social Media FB, Twitter, Planet – MILO TALOKONNIKOFF
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Administering St. Pete Open FB page
        2. Handling updates and event information on the site
        3. Generating excitement and viral campaigns with well thought out posts
        4. Assuring key sponsors get link backs, likes, re-tweats, or traffic to their FB, twitter pages and websites to generate measurable or at least tangible results from their participation in SPO
        5. Someone needs to set up a twitter account for SPO.
      2. Committee Members
        1. Lokey
        2. Barnes
        3. Grauer
    14. Raffle tickets guard/ Talent Escort LUDWIG
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Someone to stalk Raffle ticket sellers at the event and the other girls roped into the event
        2. Check them in delegate assignments, etc..
        3. Be sure tickets don’t get in wrong hands, collect cash
      2. Committee Members
        1. TBA
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. We discussed the fact that it is a good idea to have a few people that can assist with MCing. Its a long time to talk about fish and be funny.
        2. Chair of MC search committee will work with board to find a few good people to MC the event.
        3. We may want to get a great speaker who knows a bit about diving and a few members to assist with who's coming up etc..
      2. Committee Members
        1. Ken Jones
        2. Dave Weible
        3. Charlie Barnes
        4. Mike Lokey
    16. Club Graphics Artist and Media Production –  LUKE BONNER
      1. Responsibilities:
        1. Accept and file all sponsor logos into the archive.
        2. Create four different versions of the sponsor logos for the specific things they are needed for (shirt, web, stage, book, presentation). (I maintain all logos in a master file back to about 2004.)
        3. Posters - Design, layout, printing. (yearly artwork is properly resized for quality and added) We do not "drag and resize artwork", it is resized properly in Photoshop for each type of need to ensure print quality and image integrity.
        4. Postcards - same as above
        5. Website - Adjust sponsor logos to fit website sponsor areas; assist with placement.
        6. Shooter Shirt and Sponsor Shirts artwork - Design and layout for back and sleeves, that artwork is sent to whatever printer we use. Printer usually does the chest logo for the year.
        7. Stage Backgrounds - Layout and design, finished artwork is sent to Big Fish who prints them and applies them to rigid boards.
        8. Graphics support for social media content (help Bryan, Howie, Milo, Lokey)
      2. Committee Members
        1. Lokey
        2. Denny